Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? well to date Satoshi Nakamoto has not been identified. It has been speculated upon, some have been falsly identified and others have claimed the identity but nobody can provide proof to back any claim. The e-mails and forum correspondence from Satoshi has been examined closely and possible candidates have in the passed been speculated to possibly being Satoshi. Here are some links for further reading.

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Satoshi from the publication of the Whitepaper has conversed with many people through e-mail and through the forum, but nobody knowingly met face to face with Satoshi.

The bitcoin rewards from mining the Genesis block and following blocks amount to over 1.1 million coins which has sparked many discussions from, will they ever be claimed?, how much they are worth?,how to claim them?, to who is Satoshi?

It would be enough to drive some people to extreme measures to claim this vast wealth, its one thing claiming ownernership its another thing to actually control them. Without the secret password (private keys) to unlock the digital wallet where they are stored we can take it that the claimant is not Satoshi.

The most recent and really the only claim to be Satoshi is by Craig Wright. There is overwhelming proof that Wright is not the creator of Bitcoin and there are many articles online reporting this, I have listed a couple below.

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